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A Curated Collection

At Mother Owl we strive to bring you a diverse set of invitations for all of your baby shower needs. Our selection of designs have been chosen and convinently categorized by the editorial team to give you just that, a fresh take on your celebration. No matter if you want a sleek and elegant option or a cute and silly invite you will have more than enough to choose from at Mother Owl.

Mother Owl Supports the Work of Self-reliant Artists

Each of the designs presented on Mother Owl has been illustrated by an independent artist. Each option is carefully crafted and is professionally printed with high-quality industry standard equipment with one goal in mind ... To produce beautiful invitations and stationary for your baby shower.

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Your Baby Shower Just How You Imagined It

We understand that a baby shower is not just a party.

A celebration of this nature is specific, unique, and most importantly it reflects the person being showered with love. Such a celebration needs the right look, one that offers a peak into the atmosphere that you intended to create for the honoree. We also know that each and everyone is different, it is personal, that is why you will find invitations for just about every imaginable way to celebrate.

And once you have found the right option it is time to start customizing the layout.

Designed With You In Mind

The curated collection, offers templates from a diverse group of independent artists that gives you a chance to work with high-quality designs which otherwise would cost hundreds of dollars were you to work directly with the artists themselves. With the unique combination of lovingly crafted layouts matched with modern technology it becomes a simple task of getting the prints you had in mind.


Customizable From Start to Finish

Are you ready to start the customization process? There is no need to deliberate because it is easy to customize the invitation with your baby shower details. The online editor gives you control over the look and feel of the template. Change the text, color, and other layout elements in real-time and watch as the design reflects your changes. But we also know that this can also feel daunting for some. For those of you who need a little help, Mother Owl is here for you. We offer instruction on our site for the different ways you may want to word your baby shower invitation. Furthermore each card is laid out with sample wording that you can either change or replace with your own text to better highlight the intention you have for the celebration. By reviewing the digital proof you can see how your card will look when it is printed. This helps you feel confident that you have gotten everything just right before you click order.

There are more options that help you refine the paper type, form, as well as the size.

While the standard 5" x 7" invitation is the most popular size there are plenty of other shapes and formats for you to choose from. You might find something as simple as boarder type can help you get the right look for your baby shower invitations. Paper is another important factor, and there are a dozen different types for you to choose from. This includes the standard paper types that you would expect but it also includes luxurious Italian made paper.


Great, let's get started, it's time to find the perfect way to invite your guests for an unforgettable day.

It's time for a baby shower!