If you're planning a lumberjack-themed baby shower and have already chosen your invitations, there are numerous ways to incorporate this rustic and outdoorsy theme into the rest of your event. From decorations to games and food, here are some additional lumberjack-inspired ideas to make your baby shower a memorable experience:


  • Create a cozy atmosphere by using plaid tablecloths and blankets.
  • Use wooden logs as centerpieces or cake stands.
  • Hang banners with phrases like "Welcome Little Lumberjack" or "Timber. It's a Boy/Girl."


  • Set up an axe throwing station using foam axes for a safe and fun game.
  • Have guests participate in a flannel shirt decorating contest.
  • Arrange a photo booth area with props like wooden axes, plaid shirts, and fake beards.


  • Serve classic campfire snacks such as s'mores, popcorn, and trail mix.
  • Include hearty dishes like chili or sliders for the main course.
  • Offer themed desserts like tree stump-shaped cakes or cupcakes decorated with edible axes.


  • Give guests mini jars filled with homemade maple syrup as party favors.
  • Provide personalized wood slice coasters or keychains.
  • Offer small bags of gourmet coffee labeled as "Lumberjack Blend."

By incorporating these ideas into your lumberjack-themed baby shower, you can create an immersive experience that celebrates the joyous commemoration while embracing the rustic charm of the outdoors. Remember to tailor these suggestions to match your personal style and preferences.

A lumberjack-themed baby shower is a unique way to celebrate the arrival of your little one. By extending the theme beyond just the invitations, you can create an unforgettable event that pays homage to all things rustic and outdoorsy. From decorations inspired by flannel shirts and wooden logs to activities like axe throwing and food offerings reminiscent of campfire snacks, there are plenty of ways to make your baby shower a cozy and memorable affair. Embrace the lumberjack theme throughout the entire celebration, and your guests will surely be impressed by the attention to detail and creativity that went into planning this special event.